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Heist in the Deep Mine

The game was made for the Extra Credits Jam # 5, for the theme 'passage'.
My interpretation of the theme is, the game is set in a mine, as the word 'passage' makes me think of the narrow passages one would find in a mine.

About the game

Heist in the Deep Mine is local multiplayer competitive stealth game.
You play as one of 4 thief, who went down into a mine, to steal gold ore from the miners, using a special vacuum cleaner!
Descend into the mine, take the ore from the carts, and bring it back to your chest, the first player to fill their chest wins.
But you must be quick, and watch out for the miners!

How to play

NOTE: you'll need controller to play with multiple players
Up to 4 players are supported

ActionMouse + KeyboardGamepad
Join GameAny Button
(Player 1 only)
Any Button
WalkingWASD KeysLeft Thumbstick
VacuumingLeft ShiftLeft/Right Trigger
Release OreSpacebarLeft/Right Bumper
Quit Game[Hold] Escape[Hold] Start Button


Giandomenico "gmilh" Lombardi - Game Design, Implementation, 3D Art


gamesounds.xyz - public domain SFX
Retro 8Bit SFX Pack (Unreal Marketplace) - additional SFX


Sound Phenomenom Fantasy Pack (Unreal Marketplace) - background music
Mega Game Music Collection Pack (Unreal Marketplace) - alert music


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Latest Release - Post Jam Update 75 MB
Extra Jam 5 Build 76 MB

Development log


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Neat little game! I played by myself so I think I only got part of the experience. The sneaking is pretty simple, but I think you can make it more challenging by limiting the amount of gold you can get per cart. That way you'll force the player to face different patrol routes, and add a different layer of competition for the multiplayer mode. Keep it up!

I enjoyed the game a lot I like how the AI is somewhat predictable but this is a good and works well for this game. Very well made, fun would be fun to further develop and see what you could add to it.

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Fun little game, I'll play with a friend later on (when I get home and have my controller). The only downside is the controls, they feel a little bit sluggish because you're using add force instead of add speed, I suggest doing speed for your next game, you'll notice the difference. The stealth mechanics were pretty good and the ore vaccuming was good too! Meow!