Minor bugfix

Good news everyone!

I didn't have the opportunity to come back to this project in a while, but now that I finally got around to it, I am happy to release a small patch with the following improvements:

  • fixed bug where enemies weren't able to spot players while returning to their patrol path after a chase
  • now enemies will step towards players while performing an attack with their pickaxe
  • fixed bug where "Press any to join" text would not appear in build
  • the hourglass used to indicate how much time is left is now slightly bigger, and positioned slightly higher on the game screen, for better visibility
  • a small part of the map has been adjusted to give players better visibility
  • minor improvements have been applied to feel of the players movement

That's all for this update folks, wish you all a great time playing my game :D


Latest Release - Post Jam Update 75 MB
Nov 08, 2019

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