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You are a going through another monotonous shift at your bar tending job; washing dirty glasses, filling them with beer to serve them, then collect coins and store them in the register.

You are so bored, your mind begin to wander off, and before you know it, mischievous creatures from you imagination are wreaking havoc around your work space, fight them off before they damage anything, while keep serving beer to your patrons.


How to Play

Hold the triggers on your Vive controller, to perform a Grab with the respective hand, and Release the trigger to stop grabbing and Let Go.

Grab small objects, such as Beer glasses, to move them around in the environment, then Let Go to release them, but be careful or you might break them!

Submerge dirty glasses, in the sink on the left of the counter, to wash them.

Grab and pull the handle on the Beer Tap, on the right side of the counter, to start Pouring Beer, and hold an empty glass under it to fill it up.

Place the Glass of Beer on the top part of the counter, to have one of the patrons pick it up, and drop a coin to pay for it, but watch out not to serve beer in a dirty glass, or you will get no money for it.

Open the cash register by pulling its handle, and drop the money in the drawer to properly store it, and increase your score!

But watch out! Some Sketchy Tiny Gnomes will try to disrupt your work, and get your fired, fend them off by all means necessary!


Giandomenico LombardiTeam Lead
Gameplay Programmer
Concept Designer
Daniel VelinovAI Programmer
Concept Designer
Sebastiaan "Bas" HendriksConcept Designer
Sound Designer
Marcel De BoerEnvironment Artist
Lighting Artist
Merel Beers2D Artist


Epic Megajam '18 Build 165 MB

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