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Sir, Defend Yourself is a Twin Stick Shooter, where you do not shoot enemies, but instead use a shield to deflect their incoming fire back at them.

You find yourself trapped in a facility, have to destroy turrets firing in the hallways, in order to extract the keys, you'll need to advance through the facility and escape.

This game was realised for the GMTK Jam '18, all by myself, as a solo developer

I used the royalty free fonts LCD/LCD Mono by Samuel Reynolds, and Electronic Highway Sign by Ash Pikachu Font

All other assets and code are my original creation, and were made during the jam.

How to Play



Left Analog StickWASD KeysMove Character
Right Analog StickIJKL KeysAim Shield
 3 Heart shaped icons on the top left of the screen, they represent your health.

If you get hit, the lower heart will start deplenish.

When the heart is empty, the icon will shatter and disappear, your character will die, and respawn at the last checkpoint

If all hearts shatter, the  game will end, and you will restart from the beginning
On the top right of the screen, is a key shaped icon, next to a number.
The number indicates how many keys you currently possess.
A new key is collected, by walking on Key shaped icons, these can either be found in the environment, or be dropped when destroying an enemy.

Approach a gate (featuring a keyhole shaped icon) to attempt opening it.

If you possess enough keys, the gate will open, and you will lose the keys used.

Otherwise, a popup showing the required amount of keys will appear
Above your character, is the shield icon, illustrating how much Stamina you have
When taking out your shield (start performing  Aim Shield) with full Stamina, the icon will briefly show a small icon above it, that indicates you are currently Parrying.
Parrying enemy attacks, results in a more powerful action than just blocking, and will not cost Stamina.
As you block incoming attacks while aiming your shield, the icon will start deplenishing itself.
Put away your shield (stop performing Aim Shield), and it will star replenishing itself.
If you run out of Stamina, the Icon will display a cross, when this happens, you cannot use your shield, until it has fully replenished.


Build 0.0.3.zip 202 MB

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