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In this HTC Vive game you are trapped inside your dream, malevolent creatures approach from the darkness, twisting it into a nightmare!
Fight back the monsters, shoot light balls out of your hands, which can be used to reveal your surroudings, and destroy the evil fiends.
But be careful, if you are too wasteful with the way you take your shots, the light will run out, and you will be left in the dark.

In this prototype:

  • As the player, you are standing in a small area in complete darkness
  • Enemies will spawn and move towards you from your surroundings
  • You can use the trigger on Vive Controller(s) to shoot light balls which can be used to kill enemies before they reach you
  • Every time a light balls is shot, the controller will also act as a torchlight, allowing you to look at your surroundings, and spot approaching enemies, 
  • The torchlight however will dim over time until turning off completely, another shoot is required to bright it up again
  • Light balls are a limited resource, which can be replenished by killing enemies, you are not aware of your current amount, but running out will result in a game over and the game closing
  • You will lose health whenever an enemy reaches you, you are aware of your current amount of health, but receiving too much damage will result in a game over and the game closing
  • The goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible

Install instructions

Ensure that you have the most up to date version of Direct X installed on your PC.

It’s also advisable to install all Visual C++ redistributables, these are available here. 

.NET Framework should be installed and up to date, it's available from here


Build 0.08.05.zip 369 MB


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