A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for the UE4 Summer Jam 2019, theme: Make It Count.

In this game, you are a duelist in an old west saloon.
You must kill the other duelists in the saloon and be the last man standing
Everyone is out of bullet, so you must break barrels around you to find bullets and shot your foes dead!
Finding a bullet takes time so that shot make. it. count.


ActionGamepadMouse + Keyboard
WalkLeft Analog StickWASD
MeleeA ButtonLeft Shift
AimingRight Analog StickMouse
ShootingRight TriggerLeft Mouse Click
PauseStart ButtonEscape


  • Team Spaghetti Blueprints
    • Giandomenico Lombardi - Design, Programmer, 3D Artist
  • Additional Assets
    • music track 'Lone Rider'by David Fesliyan as royalty free for non-commercial purposes
    • the following music tracks: Hyperfun, Anamalie, Pale Rider, Pennsylvania Rose, and Neo WesternAll by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
    • all sound effects were obtained from soundly, with following exception:
    • the 'dizzy birds' sound obtained from the channel Nick Judy on Youtube
    • the following fonts: 'Duality' by Typodermic Fonts, 'Stadium' by Florian Mihr.

Please download the Latest Release below!!!

Builds submitted originally for the UE4 Summer Jam 19 were affected by minor bug preventing enemy AI from detecting nearby barrels to break searching for ammo.
This has since been patched in new builds added after the jam concluded.


Latest Release - Post Jam AI Patch 68 MB
UE4 Summer Jam - 77mb build | No Prerequisites Installer 46 MB
UE4 Summer Jam - 100mb build 68 MB


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This should be Multiplayer :o

Ahah, thanks :D

I'd have wanted to be multiplayer too, sadly I was doing the gamejam on my own, it can be very difficult make a properly balanced multiplayer game without regular playtesting.

I might work implement multiplayer support in the future, hoping I get some free time lol

The game is balanced already by it's own rules, it's instagib game you can't be more balanced then that and other players already have same chance to win, if anything you can always make level symmetrical to have perfect balance. If you asks me it a lot easier to make other players control the other pawn them making AI to work with it.