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Face My Final Form, is a local multiplayer arena brawler, where players have to fight one another, in order to raise their power level, ascend to their ultimate form, and use its overwhelming power to crush their rivals!

You play as a stereotypical anime character, you can (Naruto) run, you can Smash punch, you can roll like a true ninja, you perform ki attacks, and you can counter your opponent with an instant teleportation.

You can fill your power bar by damaging your enemy, and collecting Ki around the arena.

By filling your bar, you will be able to ascend to an higher form, and once you reach Max level, you will be able to One Punch your opponents out of the game.

But watch out, fall or get pushed out of the arena, and you will lose a level.



Team Lead - Giandomenico "James Gmilh" Lombardi

Combat Design - Fabian Groß

Character - Ekaterina Kafelova

Game Feel/FX/Camera - Gabriel Joyce

Environments - Dan Velinov


Build 0.0.1.zip 122 MB

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