A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for the Shenanijam 2019, theme: Cursemas.

Join up with up to 4 friends, in this wrestling battle royale match, where you play as Christmas Presents!

Select one of the 4 "wrestlers" on the ring by pressing the correspondent button on your gamepad.

Move your characters into the ropes to charge your character like a slingshot.
Release to launch your character from the ropes , and try to smash into your opponents to send them flying off the ring!

Last Gift Standing on the ring, wins!

Additional Assets

Audio - Gamesounds.xyz
3D Assets - Kenney
2D Icons - Xelu
VFX - AdvancedMagicFX13 & Fireworks Pack

Install instructions

You will need 4 360 gamepads to play this game.


Cursemas Battle Royale - Shenanijam '19 Build.zip 126 MB

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