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Blinky was Hasty is a short yet challenging 3D platforming game, featuring an static isometric camera view, and a speedrunning oriented gameplay, realised for the UE4 Summer Jam 2018.

All the music and sound effect were obtained from https://gamesounds.xyz/ while every other asset, design, and piece of code was my own work entirely.

For a new player, the game might present itself tough at first, but as they grow familiar with mechanics and controls, the players will discover how to quickly traverse the few levels available, picking up a few tricks along the way, and eventually the game shifts, from the challenge of completing that one level for the first time, to manage to score the best time in every level!

Basic Controls

Input (Keyboard)Input (Xbox Controller)Action
WAD KeysLeft Analog StickWalking
Space Bar
Left Mouse Button
A Button
Left/Right Trigger
Left Shift
Right Mouse Button
B Button
Left/Right Shoulder Button
Smash Down

Note: multiple keys are bind to the same action, to allow users to adopt their favourite controls scheme.

Advanced Controls

Jump > Smash Down > Jump = Mid Air Forward Jump

[while on the ground] Smash Down > Jump = Charged Jump


Build 0.6.rar - LATEST BUILD 128 MB
Build 0.5.zip 145 MB
Build 0.4.zip 116 MB
Build 0.2.zip 114 MB

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